Panda’s must eat 25 – 90 pounds (12-38 kg) of bamboo every day to meet their energy needs.

This is because bamboo contains very little nutritional value, so they have to eat it in vast quantities to survive. Although the giant panda possesses the digestive system of a carnivore, they have evolved to depend almost entirely on bamboo.


The male seahorse goes through pregnancy and gives birth to babies. They are the only animal on earth where the male carries the baby rather than the female.

The male seahorse has a pouch on its stomach in which to carry babies—as many as 2,000 at a time.


The most venonmous fish in the world is the 30cm Stonefish.

They have 13 sharp fin spines on their back, each with two venom glands. Their stings are extremely painful, can be lethal to humans, and mostly occur as a result of stepping on the creature.

cosmos facts

Only 5% of cheetah cubs survive to adulthood.

A study in the ’90s in the Serengeti found that 95% of cheetah cubs died before reaching adulthood. Many deaths were due to Lions, but also other predators and diseases.

cheetah cubs

japanese Macaques play with snowballs for fun.

These snow monkeys have been observed rolling up snowballs, then pushing them downhills just for the heck of it. Others gather lumps of snow in a ball and carry them around, proudly sometimes to the envy of other monkeys who try to steal it.

Japanese Macaques

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