TERROR TALES WITH MB(kehoe house Savannah, Georgia )

In 1892, this Queen Ann mansion was built on Columbia Square by William Kehoe. Kehoe was an enterprising Irishman who made a fortune in iron and became one of Savannah’s most prominent businessmen. 

Kehoe spent $25,000 on the construction of this house, including making the home a true showcase of his iron trade. Much of the detail trim, such as the window casings and ornate columns, were made of iron.  

  • It was a funeral home: The Kehoe House’s was home to Goette Funeral Home.
  • A Rumor about the Kehoe twins: The Kehoe family consisted of 10 children and rumor has it that two of them died in the house. This tale is completely unsubstantiated, but is repeated often on the Savannah’s haunted pub craws and ghost tours.   

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