39 De Grey Street in Hull, also known as The Hostel, is fast becoming one of Britain’s most haunted houses. Previous tenants of this house have been so terrified that they have found their experiences difficult to talk about. These experiences include being strangled in the night, furniture being thrown, growling, and a menacing presence. In fact, the house is so terrifying that no-one will live in the property. The last tenant managed four days before escaping the ghostly activity and never-forgotten experiences that something evil lurked within its walls.

One woman who also lived in The Hostel called the police as she thought that menacing intruders were inside the property. She said that she had been dragged out of bed and strangled in the middle of the night. However, when the police arrived they told her that they felt her call was tantamount to time-wasting. As they left a bookcase fell towards them. Needless to say they ran out of the house in fear. There have also been reports of children being seen in the property which is always very sad. One person saw a child’s shadow emerge from the fireplace and was so afraid that he sat there in fear until it disappeared. There is a cupboard under the stairs where children were thought to be locked in and has a disturbing feel inside.

Many psychics have been inside the house and given their perspective of what is happening. One Medium felt the presence of an evil entity and a child along with a drugged woman who was strewn over the staircase. Like others we do not know what is going on here and whether or not the house really is as terrifying as it is purported to be.

this is truly creepy ,let me know if you have any story!

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