Random facts

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. This includes change in dimes, quarters, and combinations of the two. Can you figure out all 293 combinations The Pokemon Rhydon was the first to ever be created. According to the lead video game designer, Ken Sugimori, Rhydon was the first-ever Pokemon to be created …

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Cosmos facts

Mercury & Venus are the only 2 planets in our solar system that have no moons. In total, there are 176 confirmed moons that orbit the planets in our solar system, with some of them being bigger than Mercury itself! If a star passes too close to a black hole, it can be torn apart. …

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If you look into the etymology of “robot,” it comes from the Czech word “robota” which translates to forced labor or work.The word was first used to refer to a fictional humanoid in a play in 1920. When the first VCR (Video Camera Recorder) was made in 1956, it was the size of a piano.The …