July 15, 2007 — — When five high school cheerleaders in western New York died in an automobile accident after going out to celebrate their graduation, a community was crushed. Now, authorities say it is possible that the fiery, head-on collision with a tractor-trailer may have been caused by a distracted driver sending text messages.

“MOBILE phone is a distraction and could be a contributing factor in this accident,” said Ontario County Sheriff Phillip Povero.


mobile phone records show a text message was sent from the phone belonging to the driver, Bailey Goodman, at 10:05:52. A reply was sent to her phone at 10:06:29. Thirty-eight seconds later, someone called 911 to report the accident that killed Bailey and her friends.

“mobile phone records indicate the phone was in use,” Povero said. “We’ll never be able to clearly state that she was the one doing the text messages.”

“Clearly, the problem with texting is the same portion of your mind that you need to be using when you’re focusing on the road is the same portion that you’re using when you’re texting,” said Michael Pina of AAA.

For young, inexperienced drivers, texting could be even more dangerous. And yet, 46 percent of teens in a new AAA/Seventeen magazine survey admitted to texting while driving. Fifty-one percent said they talk on cell phones while driving, another distraction.

“I do and it’s very dangerous,” one woman said. “I have these little flashes in my mind of thinking about getting into an accident while I’m doing it.”


Four states have made it illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone without a hands-free device. But so far, only Washington state has enacted a law banning text messaging while driving.

driving is much harmful while using your cellphone it’s better to take precautions than regrating it after.

Top texting and driving statistics and facts

  • 660,000 drivers are using their cell phones while operating a vehicle at any moment in the day (NHTSA)
  • You are 20 times more likely to crash while texting and driving than you are when not using a cell phone (Virginia Tech)
  • Texting while has the same effect on your driving reaction time as if you had consumed four beers in a single hour (
  • Texting distracts you long enough to travel the length of an entire football with your eyes off the road, driving at 55 mph (
  • 35% of teens admit to texting and driving, even though 94% of them understand the dangers (AAA)
    • 1 in 4 teens admit to responding to at least one text every time they drive (AAA)
    • 10% of parents and 20% of teens admit to having multi-text conversations while driving (AAA)
    • Teens who text while driving spend an average of 10% of their driving time outside of traffic lanes (

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