TERROR TALES WITH MB,Forsyth Park; Savannah, GA

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Savannah, Georgia is a city packed with endless haunted sites, and its mysterious underground tunnels are a key player in that status—especially in Forsyth Park.

Yellow Fever and Death in Savannnah

To the east of Forsyth Park is the Candler Hospital, well, what is left of it. It is presently a law school. Many ghost tour companies still go there to tell the stories about the death and dying which took place there.

It was 1876 when one of the largest (and final) yellow fever epidemics swamped the city of Savannah. Thousands lay dead, or dying, and for those of you unaware of how completely yellow fever ravages the body, imagine this: once the fever spikes your temperature and your organs start to fail, you start to vomit, dragging up black fluid that many liken to coffee grinds. There was no cure for yellow fever, except miracles—and if you did happen to survive the fatal disease, you were strangely immune for life.

During this last Yellow Fever outbreak in Savannah, as the story is told, there were a great number of people who died in the Candler Hospital from Yellow Fever. So many in fact, that tunnels were dug and secret burials were made throughout the entire area. Of course, this breaks a shock to the people on the ghost tour, with many eyeing the ground underneath them, wondering if they are standing on one of these graves One of the secret burial grounds was a tunnel that ran underneath Forsyth Park.