1.Did you know, the fear of running out of something to read is called Abibliophobia.



2.An interesting fact for sure, with todays distractions we would find it difficult to read this much. There are plenty of people that read a lot of books in a week but one day is an achievement. The fact is, reading every day can reduce your stress levels and help with depression.



3.The M6 toll road is in Birmingham, UK. It is 26 miles of a 6 lane motorway. 2.5 million copies of Mills and Boon novels were acquired and then pulped at a recycling firm in South Wales, UK. They were used in the top layer of the motorway.

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  • The study of fruits is called POMOLOGY.
  • A kiwi has two times the vitamin C present in an orange.
  • Dried fruits have more calories than fresh fruits as the process of drying reduces the water content and volume.
  • 7000 different kinds of apples are grown all around the globe!
  • Horticulturists are of the opinion that banana was the first fruit on earth.
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