1. Cats and humans have nearly identical sections of the brain that control Emotions.  
  2. Cats can move both ears seprately and about 180 degrees around. 
  3. While cats are seen as having a lower social IQ then dogs, they can slove much more difficult congative problems. When they feel like it of course. 
  4. It was illegal to kill cats in ancient eygpt . Not only were cats seen as an icon for Bast, the Goddess of Protection, but they were also very effective in keeping rats at bay. It was seen as a civil dis-service to kill them and often resulted in the death penalty. 
  5. Abraham Lincoln kept three cats in the white house. After the civil war was over, Lincoln found 3 kittens whose mother had died and took them in as his own. 
  6. Cat’s, as well as other animals’¬†noses,¬† have their own¬†unique print, much like a humans fingerprint.¬†
  7. When cats don’t cover their poop, it is seen as a sign of¬†aggression, meaning they don’t fear you.¬†
  8. A train station in Southeastern Japan is presided over by an adorable “stationmaster”: a 6-year-old calico cat named nitama.
  9. polydacty cats refer to cats with 6 toes on their front paws. 
  10. Approximately 200 feral cats roam the grounds of disneyland , where they help control the amusement park’s rodent population. They’re all spayed or neutered, and park staffers provide them with medical care and extra food. 
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